Good Cop / Bad Cop – The Cycle


Within the cycle “Good Cop / Bad Cop” four episodes were developed in entirely different spaces and formats that consist of experimental arrangements of live-projections, music, film and performance. The series began in the establishment Gschwandner within the festival Impulstanz with the permanent installation “ukebox / uketube”. A video-cabinet with a semitransparent screen for two people that could decide on the program themselves. In the “serious chamber” of the legendary jazz club Porgy & Bess the two performers dissected and rearranged parts of their bodies and cut through screens to the music of Mathias Koch into the audience in the second part “Cellmates”. In January 2013 the experiences from the four episodes were brought together in a final show at the WUK in Vienna.

Episode I: uketube – ukebox

Episode II: Cellmates

Episode III: The Good Cop, The Bad Cop And The Ugly

Episode IV: Open Case

The Finale: Case Closed

Concept & Performance: Luke Baio & Dominik Grünbühel
Music & Performance: Mathias Koch
Production: Julian Vogel

Supported by MA7 and Bm:UKK