Episode IV: Open Case

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In the final episode of the cycle we opened up the Good Cop Bad Cop offices for 31 hours in the recently opened gallery room Mikro and presented our working process. We asked audience members of the former performances as well as people who just happened to walk by to help solve the case and become active themselves. Day and night we interviewed our guests and had some surprising breakthroughs, we took finger prints, found decisive evidence and were able to hone our interrogation skills. Throughout the 31 hours we stayed in character and followed the Good Cop Bad Cop methods. Next to refreshments and hospitality it was vital to keep control and order. The guests knew they were permanently being recorded and the data was kept. However, because of the amount of time we were able to spend with each audience member we had interesting and personal conversations with them, and soon the guests were able to put their safety mechanism aside.


Dramaturgy, Performance


19 Jan 2013
20 Jan 2013
Vienna, Austria

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