Episode II: cellmates

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In the intimate ambience of the serious chamber of the legendary jazz club Porgy & Bess we separated the room once more with a canvas. This time the focus of the performance was placed on the musical variations of Mathias Koch. He was seated in the audience with his drum set, while we were surrounded by various canvases and accompanied his music visually with a symmetrical build-up of double projections in the surrealist style of cadavre exquis. The lighting achieved the effect that specific body-parts could singled out, replaced, molten together with others, combined in new ways, layered and therefore produced a third character that played a large part of the performance in the third episode. At the end of the concert-like performance we cut our way through the canvas so that we stood immediately in front of the audience.



Dramaturgy, Production


27 Sep 2012
Strenge Kammer - Porgy & Bess
Vienna, Austria

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