Dudes II: Dudes go camping

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Come and see the Dudes! After the successful show of Dudes I at the festival Crossbreeds in 2009 the Dudes decided to continue their outdoor recreational activity. In a blend of music, visuals, action, show, rescue operation and a happy end Dominik Grünbühel and Luke Baio aka The Dudes once again embark on a path into mystery equipped with Hawaiian shirts and a first-aid-kit.

Roll out the red carpet and join the Dudes for the premiere of „Dudes go camping“.

Dudes: Luke Baio, Dominik Grünbühel
Music: Mathias Koch
With: Friedrich Brühl, Markus Simon, Christian Achazi, Charlotta Ruth, Alexander Gottfarb, Raul Maia and Herbie Kopitar.

February 20th, 22nd & 23rd 2010 in WUK