Together six performers and three musicians construct individual and collective spheres out of wood, sound and video-projections to inhabit the stage. The raw materials become complex structures. Cameras and microphones dive into the groups, change perspectives and pursue the individual within the collaboration: Wooden boards and planks are folded, bend, moved, piled on top of each other, wedged or screwed together to become rooms – to hide the performers, but also to protect, exhibit, inhibit or cook an espresso. The audience is invited to take part in a game of perspective and dimension. The urban cinematic sound-scapes, composed by Mathias Koch and performed together with Manuel Mayr and Daniel Lercher, complete the scenery. For the first time Luke Baio and Dominik Grünbühel are supported by an ensemble. Dagmar Dachauer, Nanina Kotlowski, Raúl Maia and Patric Redl bring their very own dynamic to the table and fundamentally change the work flow. The question how we work and live together leads to the search for the relationship between the individual and the collective.


Choreography, Performance
Composition, Musical Director
Bass, Guitar
Electronics, Sound Design
Vibraphone, Electronic Percussion
Dramaturgical Support
Production, Dramaturgy


14 Mar 2014
15 Mar 2014
Tanzquartier Wien - Halle G
Vienna, Austria

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