side by sidetracked

The starting point for the duo’s work was the idea of a spatial design. Playfully, the audience is invited into an environment in which dozens of miniature cameras produce a projected parallel reality. Fragments of what is happening, unexpected perspectives and temporal distortions of the visible and audible interweave the here and now into new dimensions.
Baio’s and Grünbühel’s working process is marked by the enthusiasm for confronting the transitory character of dance and performance art with a meticulously prepared reproduction of reality. In Side by Sidetracked subtle emotions develop out of choreographed coincidences and humorously reveal the creative origins of the media.
With a sharpened view of cinematographic techniques, Grünbühel and Baio explore digital forms of play with Raspberry Pis and open-source technology.


Digital Implementation
Dramaturgy, Production


8 Jan 2016
9 Jan 2016
Tanzquartier Wien
Vienna, Austria

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