ohne nix

„ohne nix“ nennen Luke Baio und Dominik Grünbühel ihre neueste Arbeit, in der sie wieder ganz launig ihrer Experimentier- und Spiellust freien Lauf lassen. Futuristische Projektionen, biografische Versatzstücke und coole Dialoge ergeben 35 Minuten – ja, was? Nichts?

Edith Wolf-Perez, tanz.at
published: 4 May 2013

With sheer delight for playing and equipped with a pinch of self-irony, two talking heads introduce their concept before inviting their bodies to join them. Out of nothing, Luke Baio and Dominik Grünbühel create a bombastic, a megalomanic show that makes your body vibrate – yet always ready for an elegant fail.

The subjects addressed in this compact-compatible performance by the two dancers draw from their respective biographies and experiences in the field of contemporary dance: recipes for success, naked skin as projection space for every form of fantasy imaginable and well-proven elements of theatre are brought together to create a choreography that crosses the borders of artistic fields and forms of artistic expression.


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25 Apr 2013
2 May 2013
3 May 2013
Tanzquartier Wien
Vienna, Austria
8 May 2013
21 Jul 2013
Andorf, Austria
22 Mar 2016
ARGEkultur Salzburg
Salzburg, Austria
22 Mar 2016
RS9+ Vallai Kert
Budapest, Hungary
24 Sep 2016
Offenes Haus Oberwart
Oberwart, Austria
14 Oct 2016
Chemnitz, Germany
29 Apr 2017
Teatret Svalegangen
Aarhus, Denmark
4 Jun 2017
Zagreb, Croatia
25 Aug 2017
CSC Garage Nardini
Bassano del Grappa VI, Italy
27 Sep 2017
Vienna, Austria
17 Nov 2017
Centrum Kultury w Lublinie
Lublin, Poland
25 Jan 2018
Campus of AdBK
Nürnberg, Germany
15 Apr 2018
CNDB National Dance Center Bucharest
Bucharest, Romania
11 May 2018
12 May 2018
Shota Rustaveli Film and Theatre University
Tbilisi, Georgia
21 Oct 2018
Mattatoio - La Pelanda - Teatro 1
Rome, Italy
29 Nov 2018
Vienna, Austria
5 Dec 2018
Machol Shalem Dance House
Jerusalem, Israel

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