The Dudes

The dudes were born in 2005 for the film "Dudes".
In 2007 the work was continued with the creation of the film"Dudes II – Dudes go camping"  which led to a performative screening upon invitation of Crossbreeds festival in WUK 2009.
The film was projected on multiple screens, the soundtrack was produced live and scenes were recreated live – with additional dance-sequences.
The piece was then developed as a large scale production for the großer Saal in WUK where a Gesamtkustwerk of film, concert and dance was presented in a 360° environment.

The Dudes series continued with the creation of "Dudes fuck christmas", "Dudes go canoeing", Dudes on the marketplace" and "Dudes go to the museum".
Apart from masks and border-line out of control movement quality, the following elements are always part of the performance:
Do-it-yourself Pyrotechnics, Tap-solos with spoons gaffa-taped to the shoes, a song played on ukuleles as well as a dramatic entrance.
The dudes have made it their mission to stage a snappy show. The audience is in their way – at best.

Ranging from large scale theatre productions to interventions in public space, the Dudes are always eager to attempt the impossible. Usually with disastrous consequences.