ohne nix

masks asleep

With sheer delight for playing and equipped with a pinch of self-irony, two talking heads introduce their concept before inviting their bodies to join them. Out of nothing, Luke Baio and Dominik Grünbühel create a bombastic, a megalomanic show that makes your body vibrate – yet always ready for an elegant fail.

The subjects addressed in this compact-compatible performance by the two dancers draw from their respective biographies and experiences in the field of contemporary dance: recipes for success, naked skin as projection space for every form of fantasy imaginable and well-proven elements of theatre are brought together to create a choreography that crosses the borders of artistic fields and forms of artistic expression.

April 25th 2013
May 2nd & 3rd 2013
Tanzquartier Wien
July 21st 2013
March 22nd 2016
16. Salzburger Performancetage
September 15th 2016
September 24th 2016
Oktober 14th 2016
April 29th 2017
Spring Forward
Jun 4th 2017
August 25th 2017
Operaestate – B.MOTION
27. September 2017
November 17th 2017
Dancefestival Lublin
Concept & Performance: Luke Baio & Dominik Grünbühel
Music: Andreas Berger
Supported by MA7 – Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien
Ko-produced by Tanzquartier Wien