The Finale: Case Closed

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In the previous four episodes, Good Cop and Bad Cop spiked their interrogation skills with secret DIY-special-techniques to make their audience compliant. With custom built instruments and amazingly good-looking moustaches they follow the traces they are lead to. Those who had the cheek not to attend previous episodes undergo the most successful methods with combined force. The fabulous Mathias Koch has been called for reinforcement and is moving in with heavy devices.
This case will be closed with a bang!
Those who have earned their loyalty bonus by leaving all their fingerprints will gain acces to Tony´s VIP bar.

Dominik Grünbühel and Luke Baio play at and with the borders of film and performance, (film) production and reception, body and camera, with an unpretentious ease and limitless enthusiasm for self-made special-effects. Within the Good Cop / Bad Cop cycle multiple experiments of performance with live-projection, music and film, evolved in diverse spaces and (time) formats.



Scenography (VIP Bar)
Dramaturgy, Production

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