sight organ

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The passion for video & film production, the enthusiasm for building unique instruments and the interest in interacting with the audience will be combined in an visual instrument you can explore.
In between their performative acts the organist-duo invites the audience to play their own part inside of the camera-studded environment. The Organ will automatically create a live-projected movie based on your physical action.

In this walk-through-installation Dom & Luke are discovering new methods of artistic expression with state-of-the-art-technology. An algorithm edits images of dozens of ip-cameras and provides a second view on the human-computer interaction. The possibilities of the digital and the live situation are sized together to form an instrument with which performer and audience can discover new grounds.


Sound Design
Digital Implementation
Production, Dramaturgy


10 Sep 2015
11 Sep 2015

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Thanks to Liquid Loft, Gerald Pappenberger, Daniel Lercher and Johannes Burström